Make sure your wedding goes off with a bang!

Make sure your wedding goes off with a bang!

Posted by Wrenbury Hall | Feb 13 2017

Specialising in pyromusical firework displays, Sirotechnics Fireworks, British Champions in the art form, have a well proven formula for a wedding fireworks display that will be sure to wow your guests. We chat with the Managing Director of Sirotechnics and find out why a post-ceremony firework display could be for you.

We always refer to fireworks as the ultimate luxury because whilst they may seem extravagant, it becomes more about giving that lasting memory to your guests, something that will be fondly spoken about for years to come. The party is just as important as the cake. The venue is as important as the dress and the fireworks are as important as the food… (Ok, maybe not the last one)

So what is a pyromusical?

A pyromusical is when we synchronise the music in an electronic format alongside the script, which electronically fires the display. Sirotechnics employ a firing system which can wirelessly detonate the fireworks with the accuracy of 100/th of a second to ensure the absolute perfect viewing experience. From our British Championship win, we have taken our experience and design format and scaled it down to smaller pyromusical wedding fireworks displays. Using the latest digital technology, we are able to hit the beat of your chosen track and choreograph the music so that the fireworks perform perfectly in time.

Each and every firework display they create is unique. Different types of music fit with fireworks in different ways, but we are very flexible and will work with you to get the best fit with your requirements.

Intrigued? Why not take a look below at one of the displays from 2015 which was professionally filmed for our clients Victoria and Paul?

Your wedding is in safe hands at Wrenbury Hall.

Wrenbury Hall is an outstanding wedding venue and everyone was very accommodating to our needs.

Our wedding coordinators were excellent and went above and beyond to help us plan our wedding.

From the first time I stepped into Wrenbury Hall I was blown away by the rooms, staff and overall look of the building.

We had the most perfect wedding day at Wrenbury Hall.

My husband and I were married New Year’s Eve last year and it was the most amazing day we could have asked for.

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