How to host the perfect charity fundraiser

How to host the perfect charity fundraiser

Posted by Wrenbury Hall | Mar 16 2017

We’re no stranger to hosting memorable charity fundraisers. However, whilst these events can be a huge success, they take time, effort and intensive planning to ensure they run smoothly. Here, we give you our top tips on how to create a truly successful charity fundraiser… You’re welcome!

Define your purpose…

Raising money for a great cause is always at the heart of every charity event, however, other elements need to factor into the reasons behind holding it. Do you want to create a show-stopping event that can be held year after year? Do you want to raise awareness for the charity itself? Is there a certain audience that you are trying to target? All of these elements need to be defined as they effect everything from where you hold it and how you market it to the ‘theme’ of the event itself.

Know your theme…

With any event, the theme can be the difference between a great event that people will leave wanting more of and a bit of a flop. Getting ideas together on the look and style of the venue; from the decorations and table settings to the type of food you will be eating is vital. You also need to think about atmosphere; whether you create a buzz just with the type of people that you are inviting or whether the music you choose will set the tone. If it is a more formal event, selecting the right speaker is also key, ensuring that they are engaging with an interesting story to tell.

Top Tip: Ensure that you have great prizes that come with demand, as well as goody bags that people are desperate to take home!

Market effectively…

First define who your target audience is – it could be just a general fundraiser, open to all, or it may be targeted to a specific group such as business people. This target audience needs to be considered at all times when drafting the marketing plan to ensure that you focus attention on the right channels. These should include; invitations, press releases, social media, e-shots, online and print advertising and word of mouth.

Budget, budget and budget some more…

It can be very easy to get carried away with planning an event that stands out from the rest but, it’s so important to ensure there is a very detailed budget set out before planning even begins. The budget should consider every little detail including venue hire, staff, invitations, catering, entertainment, transportation, and anything else that is needed to make the event a success. A set financial goal should also be confirmed prior to the event so that the master plan will ensure this target is met during the fundraiser.

Finally, don’t forget to thank everyone that’s helped create the event. However, no one likes a lengthy speech – keep it short and snappy!

We have been hosting charity fundraisers for over 10 years and understand exactly what goes into planning the perfect event. From our dedicated team, exclusive use, bespoke menus, on-site accommodation and the availability of being able to sit up to 250 guests, Wrenbury Hall is the ultimate fundraising venue. To book a charity event at Wrenbury Hall call us on 01270 781198.

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